Welcome to the next 15,000 years of history of Humanity, Apes, Robots, & Sachillans.

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"...From our humble beginnings on Earth to the collapses of unregulated capitalism to the rise of AI-Government dominance, to socialist utopias with uplifted Apes and space being colonized and terraformed, to a 10,000 year journey traveling to the Astraeus system and terraforming Caelus, the history of mankind is incredibly rich and not something to scoff at..."

Sachiel is an alien desert world who's oceans were drained 72 million years ago, with continent sized salt flats, and is only 3 LY away from one of the most well developed corners of Human-Ape-Robot space-- Caelus. This point in time opens somewhere in the 16,900's CE, though that form of dating is rather archaic now..

Long ago, the Drainers (another interstellar alien species) made use of the Sachillan solar system and drained its oceans and resources, leaving behind a pretty poor system. They left behind many artifacts that, 72 million years later, the Sachillans would reverse engineer and use to propagate their history.

The Sachillan civilizations on Sachiel had been developing during our voyage to Astraeus and our seeding of Caelus, and are no less rich in history than we are. The Sachillans are the first aliens to be discovered-- the first sophonts mankind has met outside of themselves and their own creation.. Though, that's a bit of a misnomer-- previous alien civilizations have been discovered to exist in the past; mainly through artifacts and folktale inspiration they've left behind from passing through our solar systems...

This project of Sachiel will dive into the vast histories of the Sol-born spreading across the stars in our local neighborhood, as well as the rich evolutionary and political histories of the Sachillans.

You're probably wondering what's happened in the last dozen thousand years-- so let's start from the beginning.

History lessons (Table of Contents): Here

In the meantime, while I set this website up, here are where the updates are posted: Spec Forum Link. Below is a WIP, clickable map that will take you to the 3 main (as of now) centers of the project-- our Solar system, Astraeus (the furthest highly developed HAR realm), and Baraqiel, where Sachiel is located. Each name that you can click on is underlined!

Sol (Earth) Astraeus (Caelus) Baraqiel (Sachiel)

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